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Welcome to Mmicrosite® Community Client Services
This community website is a partnership between the local community and A2N that promotes the greater neighbourhood, so that both tourists from around the world and residents from around the Greater Toronto Area can enjoy the excellent dining, shopping, hotels, and entertainment that is throughout this prime tourist district.

A key part of this promotion is this advanced, state-of-the-art web system. Each business gets its own individual Mmicrosite®, which is similar to having a standard website except that each Mmicrosite® connects to every other business in the neighbourhood. An optional online account allows for businesses to control their own Mmicrosite® through any internet connection. These online accounts are accessed through this screen.
Name :

Password :

Database :
DEMONSTRATION SYSTEM: To access the Demonstrator, enter the first word in the lower left corner of the card you were given as the Name, and enter the second word as the password.
NEED AN ACCOUNT? Please call 416-203-0560 and we will set one up for you. We also have many advertising and promotion packages available.
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