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What Is A Mmicrosite®?
Mmicrosite® Snapshot
Mmicrosite® Snapshot is the most basic style available. It is a single page site where many features can be added, including logos, colours, and links.
Mmicrosite® Retailer
Mmicrosite® Retailer is commonly used by stores. It usually has four pages and can includes maps, business hours, and photo albums.
Mmicrosite® Standard
Mmicrosite® Standard is often used by restaurants because its seven pages can have extensive features, including table reservation service and dining menus.
Mmicrosite® Premium
Mmicrosite® Premium includes custom functions that are specific to a business, such as real estate agent profiles, seating maps, vehicle listings, and even ticket ordering.
Mmicrosites Come in Thousands of Styles and Colours
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Sometimes described as a "small website on steroids", a Mmicrosite® in its most basic form is defined as an internet based news article with a photograph that is written about a specific business location or property. It will display address and contact information, and it will automatically seek out and link to any other Mmicrosites within the immediate neighbourhood, providing for a detailed "networked community" of businesses and properties where the user can hop from one Mmicrosite® to another just by clicking on a hyperlink.

Mmicrosites automatically form these neighbourhood communities and create multiple directories to find businesses and properties within them. These directories allow for customers to search and sort through a large number of businesses or properties with relative ease and locate a specific place within seconds. Directories organize a territory into categories, intersections, neighbourhoods, brand names, and other factors, so users can expand or reduce a search area using different methods. In this manner entire neighbourhoods and product or service categories can be indexed using Mmicrosite® technology, which creates these links and directories without any human intervention. Franchises and branches also link themselves to each other and to their head office. Since Mmicrosites are compatible and optimized for all existing search engine technology, each business is also listed individually on all search engines that index them.

A unique aspect of Mmicrosites is that they allow for any business or property manager to write their own news article and then post it on the web with their own photo. Sites can contain editorials, commentaries, events, reviews, ratings, opinions, coupons, banner ads, and other material aside from the news article itself. The business or property has a choice as to whether the site is a simple one or a complex one, containing many features or none at all. Mmicrosites come in thousands of colours and styles and can be custom-tailored to the business or property by the client, where every feature and function can be added or removed at will. Once published, a site may run indefinitely and can only be de-activated by Mmicrosite.Com. Articles can also be written by Mmicrosite.Com or other editorial contributors, and posted independantly just as with any other information service, because Mmicrosites are defined as news articles, not advertisements. They can certainly look and act like advertisements as we add features, functions, maps and links to the basic article, and it can even be utilized as a website complete with its own dot com name - but no matter how many features or functions are added, it is still at heart a perpetual news article that can be updated at any time.

While a site can consist of a single page, a typical Mmicrosite® has four web pages for retail locations, seven web pages for restaurants, and up to ten pages for rental properties or hotels. Because they can hold product catalogues and other detailed content, a Mmicrosite® can in theory have an infinite number of pages. Since the sites are both live and dynamic, any information on any site can be updated instantly and can be set to change based on day, date, time of day, or any other desired factor.

You cannot purchase a Mmicrosite®. You can, however, purchase a renewable licence with a time period from 30 days to 5 years. That licence allows for you to control the content of the site, or add options to it that can convert it into a multiple page listing or even into acting as a stand alone dot com website. You can also purchase a personal online account that allows you to instantly update any aspect of your Mmicrosite® at any time, including changing the text and photos. Many businesses and property managers utilize their Mmicrosite® as their website; however it is more popular to utilize one as a gateway to an existing conventional website.

Items that can be added to Mmicrosites include hyperlinks, a photo album, e-mail, reservation and appointment systems, business hours, franchise links, corporate colour schemes, maps, brand names, product listings, menus, price lists, room rates, rental rates, and many other feature components. They have extreme flexibility in regards to features, functions, layout, and colour schemes, and can be easily customized to perform unique tasks, including the sale of tickets, creation of custom maps, displays of seating charts, inventory listings, personal portfolios of staff including real estate agent directories, and virtually any other function that can be performed on the web. This kind of flexibility allows them to serve any kind of business, from rental properties and restaurants to retail stores and corporate offices, industrial and business-to-business operations, hospitals and schools, hotels and services, doctors and lawyers, radio stations and government services - any business can expand their reach with Mmicrosite® !

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